Stock optimisation

Helping you optimise your stock

Do you…?

Have too high warehousing costs?

Have frequent stock outs and losing customers?

Hold excessive stock?

Hold obsolete stock?

Suffer shrinkage and obsolescence?

Need to reduce stock to improve cost flow for other areas?

Stock is a critical element to most businesses in delivering high quality service levels, enabling you to react to increases and decrease in customer demand. Too much stock can tie up a large amount of working capital – too low stock can mean factory stops and unfulfilled orders – disappointed customs.

At Supply Chain Advisory, we help you to ensure that your stock levels are carefully optimised for your business.

We provide you with simple but effective stock management control processes. Our inventory optimisation techniques can help you to determine necessary stock levels. We ensure you balance and satisfy your stock needs – being of the right quality, in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity.


Our consultants will seek to understand many aspects of your stock such as:

  • Predictable and unpredictable demand variation, including seasons
  • Product life stages
  • Contribution to strategic objectives
  • Contribution to revenue

Once we have an understanding of your product, we will then suggest the most suitable strategies to achieve the best stock optimisation.

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Our stock optimisation management system allows us to:

  1. Identify the drivers of excess stock such as long lead times, unreliable supply chains, and provide practical solutions to them
  2. Suggest safety stock levels and provide system measureable to ensure trade-offs met
  3. Inspect your supply chain to help you eliminate any duplication or wastage of inventory

At Supply Chain Advisory we have in depth knowledge and experience in stock management. This enables us to provide you with analysis and solutions specific to your requirements and ensure that your stock levels are fully optimised.

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