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Due to our partnerships we have access to over 70 industry leading, award winning professionals.

UK Supply Chain Consultants

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Our team of UK supply chain consultants ensure your supply chain is a source of competitive advantage for your business.

Charles Hogg – Global Logistics Audit Partner

10 years – SCA partner companies human-avatar-silhouettes_23-2147510851
A logical thinker who has a track record delivering practical solutions for multi country / global and UK based importers.  Expertise in implementing and managing business operations across the Global sphere. A significant track record of success in both the development of logistical solutions that improve a client’s position.



Robert Cannell – Lead Consultant and Implementation Specialist

15 years – SCA partner companies
Held full responsibility for the integration of key accounts – overseeing implementation and monitoring KPI’s based on the requirements of the customer. Overall responsibility for multi-purpose bonded warehouses to include heavy lift, bulk storage as well as pick and pack processes. Previous clients include House of Fraser, Dixons and Glaxo Smith Kline.



Richard Hogg – Financial Modelling Leadhuman-avatar-silhouettes_23-2147510851

8 years – SCA partner companies. Qualified checked accountant
Our Chartered Accountant that understands logistics. With our solutions we can build financial models that explain and support changes at a board level.



Paul Heasmer – UK Customs Specialisthuman-avatar-silhouettes_23-2147510851

45 years – UK Customs experience
A pratical “go to” champion for any Customs related project. A individual with a natural ability to deliver quick, simple and cost effective solutions to what appears the most complex problem. Hands on experience liasing with HMRC on classification and duty overpayments.


James Coombs – Food and Customs specialisthuman-avatar-silhouettes_23-2147510851

A specialist with a Niche – able to converse directly with Port Health to improve processing times to proposing a new route to market. With hands on knowledge and his contacts at our disposal we are able to propose simple efficient solutions that result in real cost savings.


Simon Rumble – UK Distributionhuman-avatar-silhouettes_23-2147510851

An experienced owner operator of a large distribution facility based in Ipswich. Simon has a wealth of experience and access to the right people when it comes to warehousing/ distribution or fulfilment analysis.


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    • “A huge thank you to the team at SCA, we now have a flexible and robust model that will allow for 34% smoother distribution journey”

    • “Excellent work from everyone involved, the efficient delivery of our project saved us nearly £48,000 last quarter”

    • “Our aim was to boost our warehouse capacity and workspace, and in response, SCA afforded us a strategic and detailed structure to achieve this. We have now seen an improvement in productivity by around 7% and our overall performance to our clients”

    • “The strategy provided by Supply Chain Advisory was a much better fit for the ever-changing shape of our business and helped us to reduce our overall expenditure on ocean freight and UK haulage”

    • “We have been provided with a fantastic perspective of our present transport and distribution operations by highly recommended SCA, helping to highlight areas of improvement within our supply chain”

    • “The whole team are very happy with the service Supply Chain Advisory has provided us – we now have the right tools to ensure an efficient, organised and effective supply chain process. We also executed the recommendations of SCA in regards to our warehousing operations, to make sure we utilize the maximum of our warehousing capabilities and optimise our resources”